Our expert team will guide along the path to success, to get the most from Flashy for your customers. Let us be the key factor that helps you stand out from your competitors, with the ultimate smart marketing automation platform. We’ll provide you with all the educational and marketing information and ongoing support you need to succeed. What’s more, our partners are the first to hear about brand new Flashy features, too!

How Does it Work?

Once you’re signed up to our partners program, all you need to do is pay a small monthly subscription to keep using our premium service. If you recommend Flashy to other users, then you’ll even receive some compensation as a thank you- so make sure you spread the word about our platform! Every Flashy partner is also given a dashboard to track and monitor monthly revenues with full transparency. Everything is clear and simple!

Become A Partner

Who is the ideal partner?

Our partner program has been specially designed with marketing agencies, developers, consultants and growth hackers in mind. With Flashy, you’ll get access to the ultimate all-in-one marketing solution and maximum revenues.

Become A Partner