Rev Share

Steady Stream Of Monthly Revenue

Our partners enjoy a monthly rev-share from any sign up via their unique partner link...forever!

Expand Your Services

Offer Management Service For Your Customers

There is a wealth of information your clients are collecting but doesn’t know what to do with it or even know about. So why not manage their Flashy account and let you do what you do best so they can spend more time doing what they do best - making more money for your agency and your customer!

Trainin & Support

Improve Your Marketing Performance

Our team of experts will teach you the ins and outs of Flashy, to help you double your client’s revenue, how to further improve the PPC services you offer and you will be the first to know about new features and updates.

Full Transparency

View All Your Accounts & Earnings At A Glance

Our user interface displays the most important and relevant data - monthly revenue (MRR), how much each account pays and which client is still in the trial period. We believe in full transparency!

Commission That Grew

Earn More Commission As You Grow

We believe in rewarding our partners as you grow, so the more customers you refer to Flashy the percentage of commission increases as well. Earn up to 20% percent with a you grow, we grow commission structure.

New Customers Find You

Cross Promotion Platform

Flashy creates additional exposure for your company with our highly ranked partners page, where customers can view you profile, check your services and read reviews.

Get Certified

Achieve Masters Certification On The Flashy Platform

We are looking for highly motivated agencies that want to learn the Flashy Platform in it’s fullest marketing power. With our intense and deep dive one on one course we will work with you on becoming a Masters of Flashy - the perks you will receive is high visibility, lead sharing, promotion push, newsletter space and more!

Increase Sales Today

No Credit Card Required. Pre-built Strategy.