All the templates you
need in one place

Flashy contain a huge range of templates, which are all fully customizable. Whether you’re sending an email about a special offer on your e-commerce site, or keeping your audience updated with news about your business, our editor lets you adapt your emails to perfectly suit your purpose. What’s more, our emails are always fully compatible with tablets and other mobile devices.

The right message for the right audience

The more you know, the better prepared you are to meet the needs of each customer. That’s why we keep track of data on all of your customers, allowing you to target your message based on their past actions and attributes. That way, you can ensure your message always reaches the right people.

#1 Stream Data to Flashy

Import all your contacts with just a click, and stream data from any other applications you might be using (such as e-commerce, customer support, or billing applications) to create complete, up-to-date profiles for all your contacts.

#2 Define Your Contacts

There are many ways to sort your contacts, allowing you to precisely target a specific audience with your emails. From location, to pages they previously visit, to visitors who haven’t been back in a while, the choice is yours.

#3 Personalize & Message

Flashy makes it simple to send the right email campaigns to the right contacts- you can personalize each message.

Real-time campaign analytics

Flashy keeps track of every campaign, analyzing who opened the email, followed your links, what they did on your site, and more. We take all that essential data, put it into an easily understandable format, and send it to you, for you to put to use in your next email campaign.