How To Convert Visitors Into Subscribers And Ultimately Customers

As an e-commerce store owner time is crucial, here at Flashy we believe in giving you the best result with minimal effort.What does it mean to have Flashy as part of your marketing team? It means you will have instant access to a library of […]

5 Best Email Marketing Subject Lines to Get the Reader’s Attention

Email marketing – the easiest, and by far most cost-effective way to boost your sales by a whopping 138%. The official definition may be slightly different, but you get the gist. Among all marketing techniques that B2C business use for acquiring, converting, and retaining customers, […]

Top Shopify Apps To Use In 2019 – Updated

It’s not hard to feel overwhelmed when browsing through the hundreds of apps available for Shopify.As a business owner, you don’t have time to waste hunting for tools that fit your individualized needs. That’s why we’ve done the research for you.Keep reading to discover the […]

Smart Tips for SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS marketing is one of the most successful marketing tool and marketing teams across the world are successfully using it to market products and services. There are some companies that base their entire marketing campaign on text message marketing. Well, if you aren’t ready to […]